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To Live and Die in the Floating World

Author: Stephen Holgate

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An easy job on a tourist barge turns into a dangerous game to stay alive. Drunk, broke and in hiding, American Kip Weston runs into an acquaintance in a run-down bar in Paris who tells him about a job opening on a small tourist barge operating on the canals of Burgundy.With nothing to lose, Kip decides to take the job only to discover one of the guests is Mr. Carbonne, a dangerous mob boss from Marseilles who arrives with his much younger mistress, Brigitte, and several bodyguards in tow. Soon, Kip and Brigitte undertake a surreptitious love affair that, if discovered, could prove fatal for them both. As the tension on board ratchets up, a terrified Brigitte agrees to flee with Kip. But Kip’s trust in his lover quickly erodes as more of her past is revealed. And, he keeps looking over his shoulder wondering how long it will be before his own past catches up to him. show more

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Stephen Holgate


Blank Slate Press


Paperback / softback




203 x 2 x 127



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United States

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