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Reading thriller and suspense books can be viewed as a subconscious exercise. People like thrillers and suspense novels because they elevate emotions and want to know what happens next.

Thrillers take you on a journey from inception to end. They draw you in, create engaging suspense, and grasp the audience to the very end. While thrillers are about the push and pull between the warrior and the opponent, suspense captivates the audience.

There are dark, consuming, and suspenseful plots throughout. Occasionally, they also incorporate witty comments.

Thriller books have many components- a portion of suspense, a protagonist or a secondary character, a force that alienates the hero, twisted and misdirected plots, a cliff-hanger, and an overwhelming climax. In contrast, mystery novels have an anonymous criminal, a lead performing the role as a spy, several twisted plots, the usual suspects, and the hunt of a culprit. Thriller and suspense novels make readers guess the story’s central character and get readers engrossed in the story.

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