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Tremendous Trifles

Author: G. K. Chesterton

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Tremendous Trifles is comprised of 39 chapters, each functioning as their own essay or story. With whimsical, light-hearted prose, vivid figurative language, and unparalleled insight, Chesterton covers a variety of philosophical principles of everyday life. Chesterton often used ordinary events and objects to explain deeper matters. Using relatable and accessible examples, Tremendous Trifles also test biases and preconceived ideas, specifically in the cases of fairy tales and folk lore. Stories of these genres are passed down from generation to generation, changed each time they are told, yet usually framed more optimistically than the original tale. Chesterton encourages readers to question this, and examine the implications the example may have on the other stories they hear. Accompanying the suggestion to recognize bias, the importance of one’s point of view is also examined. In Tremendous Trifles, Chesterton uses a metaphor to explain perspective. There are only two ways to see the world-either as a giant, or as a nymph. One sees all the wonders of the world as a speck of dust, the other is in awe of a single blade of grass. While advocating for seeing the beauty in simple, everyday encounters, Tremendous Trifles raises thought-provoking questions and advises that sometimes a better life is just a change of perspective away. Containing both essays of importance and intrigue and stories of silly nature, Tremendous Trifles is the perfect combination of excitement and understanding. Written in a conversational and intimate format, Tremendous Trifles by G.K Chesterton is a collection of essays and stories that features philosophical theories of happiness, perspective, and narratives. Described as thought-provoking and humorous, Tremendous Trifles educates without the use intimidating or exclusive advice. While celebrating simplicity and encouraging people to find joy in the mundane, Tremendous Trifles uncovers truths about humankind that have remained relevant to modern audiences. This edition of Tremendous Trifles by G.K Chesterton is now presented in an easy-to-read font and features a striking new cover design. With these accommodations, Tremendous Trifles is restored to modern standards while preserving its original ingenuity. show more

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