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Transformation of Innocence

Author: Skinner

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What must it be like to be tricked into spying for a foreign country and then tricked again to become a double agent? Henry Salter had a bad start in life in London, England. Orphaned at an early age, he had to leave school at fourteen despite having a photographic memory and being considered a genius by his teachers. Later, the love of his life, Rachel, is estranged due to her wealthy father’s dark secret. He was trained in sabotage and deadly arts by a sadistic SS secret intelligence officer, Wolfgang Graf von Furstenberg, to cripple British radar prior to Germany’s planned invasion of Britain in 1940 – Operation Sea Lion. Later trained by Britain’s spymaster, Simpson-jones, Henry holds the key to the success or failure of the invasion. If he chooses the wrong side, death awaits him. Rachel is inadvertently present along with Furstenberg and Simpson-Jones at a critical point when all is revealed to him. With naivety gone due to his harrowing experiences in Germany, France, and England, he struggles with his innate sense of morality and loyalty to Britain versus the desire for personal revenge and survival.

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