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To The Death

Author: Peter R. Hall

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Focusing on the emergence of Christianity and its suppression by the Romans in the first century, To The Death provides a riveting fictional account of the historical beginnings of Christianity. In the first century AD, the Jews of Jerusalem rebelled against Roman occupation. The result was one of the bloodiest wars in history. A million Jews died, and thousands starved to death, many from sieving the sewers for something to eat. Jew killed Jew in a ferocious sectarian war during the Roman siege. The Jewish temple priests stoned Jesus’ brother, James, to death. When the Romans defeated the rebellious Jews, the State of Israel ceased to exist. The Romans razed Jerusalem to the ground. That which the Jews had won in war, they lost in war. In 1500 BC, migrant Jews from Egypt invaded Canaan (Palestine) and murdered the entire population, claiming they were acting on a direct order from their God. At the end of the war, the treasures of the Jewish Temple were displayed in Rome, along with thouasnds of captive Jews who would be sold into slavery to celebrate the Roman victory. show more

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