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Through the Labyrinth

Author: Jill Yielder

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With her father threatening to leave them, Sarah is sent by her mother to stay with her grandparents, where she is left feeling confused and abandoned. Tom, in another part of the world, runs away from his vicious step-father, only to fall in a nearby river, hitting his head. They both slip through a rift into a parallel world and the mysterious woman who comes to their assistance describes herself as a healer and takes them back to her treehouse. However, they soon suspect that she is not all she seems and may have ulterior motives for helping Tom. Sarah is sent on a mission to obtain an elixir to save his life and encounters others who are keen to help her, not all of whom are human… Through the Labyrinth is the first novel in the Anam Cara Trilogy, which explores Tom and Sarah’s adventures trying to conquer the dark powers that threaten the land they find themselves in. For older readers interested in psychology, the stories are also written as an allegory for the tasks we may need to undertake in our search for wholeness. show more

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Jill Yielder


Olympia Publishers


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