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The Songsters

Author: Larry Signy

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Showbiz. A word that simply sums up glamour – with a large-sized capital G. Here is all that glitz in the story of two songwriters – a musician and a lyricist – who meet, start to work together, have a small success, then get ‘conned’ into writing a big musical show. The two are composers – one a young, serious Australian dedicated to writing music ‘in the old-fashioned way’, and the other an English lyricist with an apparently couldn’t-care-less attitude but nevertheless in love with writing words to music. Set vaguely just after the Swinging Sixties, they live in a world where amusement and entertainment are centred around live stage shows, big screen films or early days television. It is a world before social media takes control – where people talk to each other rather than into a piece of electronic equipment and listen to music on vinyl discs or the more modern tapes or discs. It is a world of mysterious allure and dreams, and the two songsters fit into it perfectly. They slot into the alluring fascination of preparing a London West End musical, and the readers can follow their exciting, enchanting journey as they make their initial recording and then help develop, rehearse and stage the show. show more

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Larry Signy


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