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The Romance of Lust

Author: Anonymous

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The Romance of Lust (1873-1876) is an anonymously written pornographic novel. Published by infamous London pornographer William Lazenby, The Romance of Lust appeared in four volumes and immediately drew condemnation from the British authorities. Although its author remains unknown, scholars believe either William Simpson Potter or Edward Sellon wrote the text. Frequently censored, The Romance of Lust influenced countless authors of erotica from the Victorian era onward. Charlie Roberts has always felt different. Born with an abnormally large penis, he finds himself tempted into sexual experience at a young age. Soon, he develops an uncontrollable desire for the human body, and begins to have sex with everyone from his governesses to his own sisters Eliza and Mary. As he gets older, a whole new world of lust becomes available, and Charlie begins to feel attracted to men. Filled with detailed scenes of erotic acts, including orgies, fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation, anal sex, and double penetration, The Romance of Lust raised more than just eyebrows when it first appeared in print. Condemned for obscenity and often censored by authorities, the novel is recognized today as an important work of Victorian erotica and has inspired generations of pornographers around the world. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Romance of Lust is a classic of pornographic literature reimagined for modern readers. show more

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