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The Reign of Greed

Author: Jose Rizal

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The Reign of Greed (1891) is a novel by Jose Rizal. Published in Belgium, the novel was a sequel to Touch Me Not (1887), both of which were written in Spanish. Blending aspects of his own life story with his critique of Spanish imperialism in the Philippines, Rizal continues the journey of Crisostomo Ibarra from centrist reformer to revolutionary leader. Banned by Spanish authorities, the novel was smuggled into his home country, where it quickly galvanized Rizal’s fellow nationalists in opposition to the Spanish Empire. Despite his attempts to reform the local government of his native San Diego, Ibarra is placed in prison on false charges of rebellion. Forced to escape or face execution, he chooses the former. When a firefight with authorities leaves his comrade Elias dead, he manages to make his way out of the country. Thirteen years later, by now presumed dead by friends and foes alike, he returns to the Philippines as Simoun, a shadowy jeweler. Moving in secret, he begins spreading his anti-imperial message among the local people while gathering the weapons and supplies he will need to overthrow the government. Before he can carry out his plan, however, he must rescue his love Maria Clara from confinement. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Jose Rizal’s The Reign of Greed is a classic work of Filipino literature reimagined for modern readers. show more

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