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The Red Pirogue

Author: Theodore Goodridge Roberts

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The mysterious appearance of an apparently abandoned little girl inspires a search for her father, who’s been accused of murder and gone missing in the Canadian outback. A red pirogue, a long canoe, delivers 11-year-old Marion Sherwood to the O’Dell family, who take her in and make her a place of safety in the Canadian woods. Who would follow, steal the pirogue and set it on fire? This question, and the mystery of Marion’s missing father, accused of murder and pursued by the law, are confronted by young Tom O’Dell who pieces events and clues together like a back woods sleuth. This is a classic wilderness adventure, told in a brisk, clear style and replete with a dangerous river journey, misguided lawmen, loyal friends and even more loyal dogs. The author finds an emotional heart in his tale as the characters discover their best natures brought out by standing by one other and protecting Marion. The skilled adventure storytelling of Theodore Goodridge Roberts is matched by his clear reverence for the beauty of the Canadian wilds. With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Red Pirogue is both modern and readable. show more

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Theodore Goodridge Roberts


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