The Phoenix Chronicles

Author: M K Williams

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Anne Rice meets J. K. Rowling in this page-turning debut contemporary fantasy novel. Enter the Phoenix Chronicles Universe and prepare yourself for an action thriller with earthshaking mystery and apocalyptic dangers. Young, apprehensive student, Kristian Wallace finds himself thrust back into a world he had previously rejected. After leaving behind the mystery, magic and mysticism of the “Order of Light,” Kristian now finds himself once again on a dangerous mission against supernatural forces. Struggling to unravel the truth behind the murder of a once close friend, Kristian must face up to an inescapable truth. Now nearing the end of his second year of a computer science degree, Kristian, compelled by duty, regretfully abandons the trails of adulthood. Returning to confront the challenges bestowed upon those who are chosen to blend with a magical entity, known as a Phoenix; Kristian uses the special powers endowed to him, as he soon comprehends the reality that he can no longer hide from his destiny. When the mission takes a much darker path, with deadly consequences, a far more sinister plot is revealed. Kristian troubled by echoes of his past, must use all his abilities to stay alive and to prevent an apocalyptic future that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. ‘Alone in the Light’ is an introduction into the fantastical and intricate universe of ‘The Phoenix Chronicles’. This standalone novel sets out the beginnings of a six-part saga, one filled with magic, peril and endless intrigue. “The dreams were just the start of something called the ‘blending’. That is what the Order calls it when a Phoenix joins with a new host. It doesn’t hurt, well not physically…” Kristian. show more

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M K Williams


Luxon-Drake Publications


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