The Mountain on the Other Side of Light: Part Three

Author: Malcolm Haslett

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Bridget and Tom have entered the giant, smouldering volcano of Fles. They discover an astonishingly sophisticated community which uses the power of the mountain to transmit ‘thought messages’ back to the Realm of Omelyn. But a fierce struggle is taking place to decide what those ‘messages’ should be. Should they contain highly-coloured, provocative images to excite citizens of the Realm and help them forget the drudgery of their lives? Or should they be truthful and instructive messages, helping people to ward off the threats of war, famine and climate change that hang over them? Bridget discovers her friend, Pageya, is to be used as a pawn in one faction’s bid for dominance. Can she and Tom help their friend escape an awful fate in the fiery cavern of Flesethro, thwart the evil wizard, Shoderim, and save the realm from the doom which his plans would inflict on it? show more

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Malcolm Haslett


Austin Macauley Publishers


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