The Lonely Snail

Author: Clarenna Walrond

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Life is but a rollercoaster of events taking you in many directions, which paths you follow determine how your life will be. So is it wise to be different? To act like a shepherd rather than a sheep, in being brave, bold and courageous doesn’t always have to come from the strongest of spirits. Having a desire to reach one’s goal should be an escalated target for all, but tread carefully. Keep in mind that your finish line doesn’t cause others to fall and create a mountain of destruction left behind. For when prosperous souls begin rising, it sparks few green envious eyes that like seeing failure rather than success. Wanting to take whatever you fought so hard to gain, and make it slip away instead of flourishing. So be wise with your decisions and stay true. Learning that life is what you make it from a snail’s point of view called Shemuel, to a human called Eccubard. Both of them experience their own types of hurdles, taking them to new levels beyond their wildest dreams. Enabling them to stand out from the rest and not be led by physics, a definition of a being’s credibility. show more

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Clarenna Walrond


Austin Macauley Publishers


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