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The Dark Web

Author: Sam Bretti

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This is the unfolding story of a naive little creature who lived in ladybird village. Liz the ladybird loved her people, but the villagers experienced pain and disease. Saddened by the effects of witnessing distress her people endured, she sought to alleviate the suffering. Liz sets out on a solo journey to find in the world the cure to illness. Totally immersed in her magical unique journey, she discovers the dark Tasmanian caves where she meets a host of spiders that hold a conviction as she perceives to heal the world from disease. But it is not as it seems and Liz falls into the deceit cast by the woven dark web, unable to perceive the dark spider’s true intentions. Horatio is truly cunning and holds no mercy for naivety; he exploits her vulnerability to further his own ends. As Liz falls prey to his cunning ways, will she have enough insight and skills to save herself, or will some other story unfold revealing to her her own vulnerability and naivety that has led her to trust without question? I wonder what will resonate with you as you read about the plight of Liz, a kind-hearted, compassionate soul that does not see reality as it is but rather through the lens of her own distorted perception. Will she come to her senses so that she is able to perceive the truth from the lies in the evolutionary process of the dark web, and what will be revealed to her by all the characters she meets along the way? show more

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Sam Bretti


Austin Macauley Publishers


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United Kingdom

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