The Brain Drips Yellow

Author: Burn Moor

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In his debut novel, Burn Moor delivers on his promise to leave his readers’ minds twisted…permanently. Deep within the confines of his sheltered delusion, Bill Butler is a loving father and husband, and a successful corporate executive, but his reality is far different. Bill is estranged from his wife, detached from his daughter, and is a constant target of ridicule at his job – and he is on a straight path to mental breakdown. The Brain Drips Yellow is one man’s descent into madness. Along his journey he is introduced to a sadistic dwarf, a magician-turned-priest, and a suave demonic entity – but did he evoke this entity or is it another manifestation of a deteriorating mind? The demon leads Bill into a surreal world that he refers to as the scent world – a world where he is free to purge himself of his fears and satiate his deepest desires. But as Bill spirals into madness, the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur. Burn Moor philosophically shreds through our cultural mores, our religious fanaticisms, and our concepts of identity while bringing us uncomfortably close to the face of mental illness. The Brain Drips Yellow is a novel that will leave you ruminating long after you’ve read the final page. show more

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