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Sense and Sensibility

Author: Jane Austen

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Set in London at the turn of the 18th century, The Dashwood family is on the crux of financial ruin after the untimely death of the patriarch. Forced to pack up their belongings and relinquish their comfortable lifestyle, Mrs. Dashwood and her three daughters, move in with their distant relatives the Middeltons, at Barton Park. There, they must each adapt to a new, more sensible way of life. Sense and Sensibility is a story teeming with gossip, lies, betrayal and love. As comes with the responsibility of adulthood, Marianne and Elinor Dashwood must both find suitors, or their prospects for a happy life will most certainly be diminished. Needing to stay with their estranged family in their home, the new dynamics of the household are anything but conventional. Elinor, the more judicious of the two sisters, understands the perils of what’s to come should she not find a husband. But Marianne has a different agenda. Believing firmly in the power of love, Marianne holds out hope that when she does marry, it won’t only be for financial security In Jane Austen’s first novel, the Dashwood sisters quickly learn that love requires a balance of both head and heart, and that the commitment of marriage is one that requires a mature sensibility. With an eye-catching new cover, and a cleanly typeset manuscript, this edition of Sense and Sensibility is both modern, and readable. show more

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