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My Dog, Moss

Author: Alison Bellringer

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Ever since Moss had entered his life, Jayden’s whole world changed. He formed a special bond with the stray dog, as a keen sense of trust was established between them. Jayden and Moss now run the farm together; spending nearly every minute of their time out working on the hills, sharing a hard-wearing, yet content life. But when a new neighbour suddenly shows up and starts accusing Moss of attacking several of his sheep (even threatening to have him put down), everything they know is thrown in peril. Jayden is absolutely sure Moss has nothing to do with the attacks, but Joseph is far too angry and impatient to listen to him until it’s almost too late. Can Jayden convince Joseph of Moss’ innocence in time? When Jayden accidentally stumbles across the real attacker at work, he gets a nasty shock. But it’s not just Moss’ life at stake. It’s Jayden’s too… show more

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Alison Bellringer


Austin Macauley Publishers


Paperback / softback




127 x 202 x 8



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United Kingdom

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