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Marguerite, Calvin & Rabelais

Author: Gary Arthur Thomson

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Having studied medicine, Rabelais sat down on the beach and contemplated a statue of Asklepius. “Oh worthy Asklepius, God of Healing! Where are you? ” “Here I am,” a little boy said pouring sand on Rabelais’ bare feet. “What do you know about that?” Rabelais was jolted out of his reverie. “Are you Asklepius?” “No. I’m Jason.” “Jason are you! Have you found your sheep?” “What sheep?” “In the story, Jason was looking for the Golden Fleece of a sheep.” “I didn’t know that. But we have two sheep and five lambs.” “Well, I declare. Two sheep and five lambs.” “Want to go for a swim?” “Okay…” Rabelais looked around at the empty beach. Then he took off his clothes and followed the boy down the beach. They splashed each other and beat the waves of the Mediterranean. “Let’s float,” the boy said. “Okay…on our backs.” The two floated with their toes sticking up and eyes closed to the blazing sun. It was marvelous. “Two fishes floating on the waves,” a voice came out of the blue. “Mommy…you found me,” Jason said. Rabelais threshed in the water to get himself upright and see what was going on. “Hello…” the soft voice of Mommy addressed him. show more

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