Jude’s Moon

Author: Nancy Guettier

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New Moon, Full Moon and the phases in between, Jude’s Moon is a delightful story of a little boys fascination with the moon and how it mysteriously changes shape. Jude loves how the moon and sun share the sky and turn night to day and day to night. He loves the moon so much he thinks it’s his moon. The moon becomes his best friend. One day he noticed the moon was not round. He thought it looked like a Croissant. His Brother laughed and corrected him and told him it was a Cresent Moon. Jude was excited to learn more about how the moon changes shapes. Jude goes on his own exploration to find the answers and unlock the secret of the Phases of the Moon. The illustrations are appealing and whimsically illustrated by Tina Cash-Walsh. Tina’s illustration illuminate in an easy to understand way how the moon orbits earth and how the sun shine illuminates portions of the moon for us to see giving the appearance of the changing shapes. Kids and Parents will enjoy this story and it will inspire them to want to do additional research on the subject. show more

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