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Jexter Bladebrace & The Exalted Kingdom

Author: Jamie Smartkins

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In the year 2080 AD, the asteroid Ominoulada strikes the Earth, shaking the planet. Jexter Bladebrace finds himself stranded on an island. The spaceship Spectrovor arrives to help the Earthlings. Joining one hundred survivors on the island where Spectrovor lands, Jexter, Shelly and Mac try to prevent their island from sinking into the ocean.The Spectropeans from Spectrovor suggest an alliance with the Earthlings, whereby they will save them by turning them into humphibians, a life form which can survive on land as well as in water. The humphibians take refuge in a sunken ship and learn to live on the demolished planet Earth, exploring and finding new places. But when they find another planet, a reflection of the Earth, their lives take a drastic turn. Can Jexter, Shelly and Mac salvage the future of the Earthlings? show more

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Jamie Smartkins


Olympia Publishers


Paperback / softback




140 x 205 x 11



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United Kingdom

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