Jack, the Pirate with a Secret

Author: Nanny Sue

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This is a fun, action-packed story with a twist at the end to allow for discussion between reader and listener. This could be used as a focus for discussion in PSHE lessons or as a one-to-one chat between the child and parent/carer. Jack, the main character, is a very likeable and charming pirate. He appears to be extremely courageous. Throughout the story, he is portrayed as a very brave character who steers and leads his ship, The Mucky Duck, through a storm to a place of safety. Clearly, his crew look up to him for inspiration and guidance at a time when they are very afraid, but Jack performs his duties without hesitation. The story frequently reminds the reader/audience that although Jack appears to be brave, he has a secret! The story ends with the crew and The Mucky Duck reaching an idyllic cove where everyone is safe and happy! A land filled with: ‘Treasure and gold and jewels, palm trees and coconuts!’ All that Jack wants to do is to go to sleep in his cosy bunk in his cosy little cabin and dream of his adventures all over again! show more

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Nanny Sue


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