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Flamingo Tears

Author: Geoffrey Hinton Humphries

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The odyssey of a supreme court judge tainted with scandal: a brilliant female barrister, two women, one a pathologist and the other a lawyer, who run an underground little theatre, and the judge’s mother. They are privileged, comfortable and confident. The world about them changes. The sea recedes. Lightning and thunder are constant in the background. Stories and rumours contaminate that which had been previously taken as a day-to-day normal. Confusion and tragic assumptions are made when the safety of truth is trumped by versions of something more convenient. All around them, fiction has become the constant fall-back against the unpalatable real. Everything is perplexing and challenging. Though for all of them, there is something on the tip of their minds that they should be recognising. All is not new. Some things are being repeated historically, over and over again. They are acutely discomforted by the fact that the truth is uncertain in both words and intentions. They are out of kilter participating in a new version of life. An unreal version, that confronts and challenges them day after day: a challenging version devoid of rules or precedent. The points of the compass are confused. There is a risk, undefined, in making eye-contact. They have been thrust into a version of life that is not simply fake: they bleed too much, and know pain, and fear-or not! Is it all just a performance? show more

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Geoffrey Hinton Humphries


Austin Macauley Publishers


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