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Fear Itself

Author: Scott Eaton Ed Brubaker

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THE SECRET IS OUT! Word of Steve Rogers’ clandestine operations has leaked, kicking off a global race by the Secret Avengers to save compromised superhuman assets before they can be taken off the board! Then: the armies of Fear Itself are mounting on every side. With humanity facing its gravest threat yet, Steve Rogers and his Secret Avengers will make some hard choices about what’s just in times of war. And when the Norse gods take up arms against humanity, Brunnhilde and the Valkyrie must choose which side to fight for: With war raging all around her, the fate of Earth may be hers to decide! Plus: as fear ravages the streets of Paris, a group of diabolical extremists plot an act of mass terrorism. In order to avert nuclear disaster, the Black Widow must brave a city in chaos, face down a crack team of deadly mercenaries, and infiltrate a well-protected government facility. She’s on her own…which is just the way she likes it.COLLECTING: SECRET AVENGERS 12.1, 13-15; FEAR ITSELF: BLACK WIDOW show more

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Scott Eaton Ed Brubaker


Panini Publishing Ltd


Paperback / softback




260 x 171 x 15



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United Kingdom

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1 Illustrations, unspecified


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