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Daughters of Nijo

Author: Onoto Watanna

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Set in 20th century Japan, Daughters of Nijo: A Romance of Japan follows the life of two identical sisters, separated at birth. Sado-ko was raised to be a princess, and Massago was raised as a lowly country maid. Though they were raised in separate classes and homes, Massago and Sado-ko were always destined to meet each other. With poor living conditions and an unfair workload, Massago is unhappy as a country maid and though he is a nice man, Massago does not love her fiance, Junzo. Meanwhile, at the palace, Sado-ko spends most of her time in solitude, feeling solemn about her future as Prince Komatzu’s wife. The other ladies of the court disprove of her, judging the fact that Sado-ko has not succumbed to Western influences like they have. After Junzo, Massago’s fiance, is commissioned by the palace to create a sculpture, the two sisters are reunited. As they are each displeased with their lives, Massago and Sado-ko see the perfect opportunity they have been given. They decide to switch lives, and after they briefly trade enough information for the other to take their place undetected, Massago goes back to the palace, and Sado-ko goes to Massago’s home. As they each enjoy the parts of their sister’s life that she took for granted, Sado-ko and Massago feel happy, but when Aoi, a lady of the court who had always envied Sado-ko, starts to cause trouble, their entire plan is threatened. Inspired by the classic tale of the princess and the pauper, Daughters of Nijo: A Romance of Japan by Onoto Watanna features a sweet and fun narrative that follows the aftermath of two sisters trading places and lovers. Published in 1904, Daughters of Nijo: A Romance of Japan is rarely found in print, despite its commercial success. This edition of Daughters of Nijo: A Romance of Japan by Onoto Watanna is now presented in an easy-to-read font and features a stunning new cover design. With these accommodations, Daughters of Nijo: A Romance of Japan is restored to modern standards while preserving the original and precious mastery of Onoto Watanna’s work. show more

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