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Christmas Angels

author: Rowan Dobson

“A collection of the wonderful variety of styles, stories, and personalities of our favorite Christmas companions.
With a unique perspective atop the tree, Christmas Angels are the ultimate observers of the festive period.
They see us when we’re sleeping (4 pm comatose in front of the telly), they know when we’re awake (4 am in frenzied anticipation of The Big Day),
they realize when family tensions are starting to resurface, and which gifts were bought in haste”

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But like the snowflakes speckling our windows, each blessed angel is one of a kind; each has its own story of creation and arrival into every household.
Some are antiques passed down through generations, others are homemade, some embody the spirit of Christmas, others could be more suited to Halloween.
Through this unusual collection of portraits, Christmas Angels showcase the variety of styles, stories, and personalities embodied by our favorite Christmas companions.

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