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Anything but Ordinary

Author: Marcia Penland

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Two members in a small circle of friends set off for a fun trip, split between half business and half pleasure. The whole town of Calhoun is excited for them, especially the art group. On their way to the airport, the pair of friends vanish.The police are baffled and the case is moving too slow to satisfy the art ladies. Just a few months later, while one member of the group is participating in an art show at a shopping mall, a college student goes on a shooting rampage. The art ladies think this will happen again and again until the root of the problem is addressed. Tragic and complicated situations do not discourage this little band of feisty middle-aged artists. They are church-going, family-oriented, and strong-willed. Plus, they have a talent and passion for art. The same critical and analytical eye they use for detail in their paintings is applied to the cases they are determined to solve. The art ladies bring a wide spectrum of life experiences to the group, and their personalities are as different as daylight is to darkness. But the things they all have in common are a zest for life and loyalty to one another.Love, humor, suspense, integrity, and snappy dialogue play a large part in this story. Despite what they think, their little painting group and daily activities are not commonplace. In fact, everything about them is quite the opposite. Their lives, all the way around, are ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY. show more

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Marcia Penland


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