A Jeweler’s Eye View

Author: J D Riley

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It is 1979 in Macon, Georgia, when Jake Goodson embarks on a quest to rescue his children from the clutches of a religious cult that has already charmed his ex-wife, Madeline, into its snares. But when the Vietnam War veteran begins receiving unwarranted attacks on his character and threats to stop his quest from Madeline’s attorneys, Jake must act fast or lose his children forever. Unfortunately after he decides to take matters into his own hands, he must deal with the consequences. Now as he faces several criminal charges, Jake begins seeing a psychologist. During their intense sessions that resurrect the past trauma of the war as well as his memories of his one true love, Jake relives his time while stationed in Southeast Asia. As Jake is drawn back into his recollections of the beauty of his romance and the searing pain of its end, he notices an awakening within beyond his obsessive visions of the end of the world. But as he valiantly battles his internal demons, Jake soon realizes he has a formidable enemy with an uncanny ability to foresee his intentions and outmaneuver him at every turn. Volume One of A Jeweler’s Eye View begins a fierce battle between two adversaries that will ultimately bring the forces of good versus evil to collide with heroic implications. show more

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J D Riley


Archway Publishing


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