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The application of literature in the ELT classroom is experiencing a renaissance for plenty of reasons. Having established as part of conventional language teaching approaches, it became limited when language teaching and learning started concentrating on the practical usage of language. Nevertheless, educational institutions are constantly evaluating the idea of literature in the ELT classroom. Many literary texts present substantial linguistic input, adequate inducements for students, and a potential reservoir of learner inspiration.

English Language Teaching literature includes various novels, short stories, plays, or poems that provide rich linguistic input. Using literature in ELT classrooms is beneficial as children can express themselves in a different language. It teaches different learning styles while intensifying the imagination of the learners. Literature in ELT not only helps in linguistics but also broadens the mind of the learners. ELT in English Literature enhances the experience and creativity, which always guides its patrons.

Literary texts produce occasions for multi-sensorial classroom encounters and can invite learners with diverse learning techniques.

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