Explore the Fiction World – Top 10 fiction books

Reading fiction books allows you to meet an entirely new world with new characters. Several studies have proven that reading books is one of the best habits that improve a person’s cognitive skills and individual development. Fiction books are books that both children and adults can read and get benefits from. If you are interested in reading more books, then have a look at this list of books you should read at least once in your life. 

  1. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

In this dazzling novel, Matt Haig has beautifully shown all the choices one has to go through in real life. The midnight library is all about Nora Seed, who faces a decision to change her life for a new one, where she can fulfil her dream of becoming a glaciologist and can undo all her breakups. She must search within herself that what she truly wants when travelling through the midnight library.

The first bestselling novel of Richard Osman is “The Thursday Murder Club”, named by four friends. Ron, Elizabeth, Ibrahim, and Joyce meet once a week in a jigsaw room in a retirement village to discuss unsolved and mysterious crimes. One day a local developer is found dead. The club members find themselves in the middle of this case. Will this gang be able to find the killer on time?

The story of a detective inspector named Vera Stanhope leaves for her home in the hills on a snowy night. She takes a wrong turn and finds herself lost. On driving, she comes across Brock Burn, a grand house in the wilds of Northumberland, where her father grew up. She found the dead body of a woman there, and as she investigates the place, she uncovers the complicated past of her family.

Written by Mark Billingham, this bestselling British crime fiction revolves around a detective named Tom Thorne.

Tom made a decision in the past in the past by ignoring his instinct. He let go of a suspect, and this decision has been haunting him ever since. A chance is now presented to him to redeem himself by solving a case related to a missing kid. The case became a little complicated as two people connected to the missing child’s case are also murdered.

This novel is a romantic saga written by Dilly Court. “The Reluctant Heiress” is a London-based fiction that revolves around Katherine Martin and her family through the 1850s. After returning to London, Katherine finds that the city had become crueller than three years back when she left for India. She opened a soup kitchen by renting a building and met Harry Trader and his gang for the first time.

This thriller fiction, written by James Patterson, showcases The Women Murder’s Club involving four central members, who face the most significant and deadliest fight of their lives. Serial killings are taking place all over the country. San Francisco falls under Sergeant Lindsay Boxer’s jurisdiction, and she investigates a case with the help of other club members. During their investigation, they find that all victims are small-time drug dealers.

A gripping psychological thriller fiction authored by JP Delaney is about a couple who will do anything to save their family. When Pete and Maddie come across the truth that their son, Theo, is not their child, but instead, he was Don Maguire’s son, they were devastated. Both the families decided to sue the hospital. The investigation digs out some disturbing questions about the night when their child was switched, resulting in trust issues between the couple.

Delia Owens wrote the book by Delia Owens. It is the story of a girl named Kya Clark, living in North Carolina, and abandoned by society, school friends, town, and even her family. Mother nature is the one who takes care of her. She is all alone till she finds a boy named Yonder, who became her friend. The novel asks how isolation can influence the behaviour of this young girl who deserves to be a part of society.

Julia Quinn has written the book. It is the first book in the world-famous historical romance series, which became very popular. In this book, one of the main characters of the story, named Simon Basset, was on the verge of proposing to his best friend’s sister, Daphne Bridgerton. It was a plan by him and her mother to keep her free from marriage. However, somehow, she falls for the Duke and the story changes. Things do not remain the same, and the story unfolds with new takes and turns with every page.

  1. Letters From the Past: The bestselling family drama of secrets and second chances by Erica James

Erica James wrote this book. It is a sweeping story of a family living in a village that describes the emotions of love and betrayal at the same time. The family’s life changes completely when the residents of the village start receiving letters from their past from unknown contacts. The letters contain secrets that no one else should know about, bringing a significant change in their lives. The change was not just temporary but for the rest of their life. 

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