Author: Eric Yancy

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A deadly pandemic has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide. Dr. Alton McGuire, a brilliant, but retired molecular biologist has done everything possible to keep he and his beloved wife, Marine, safe. A brilliant, but retired educator in her own right she has remained out of the public, in an effort to shelter in place. An unfortunate mishap threatens them all, and brings Dr. Lillian Manning into the picture. Dr. Manning, a senior pediatrics resident resides in their guest quarters and must play an integral role in the effort to thwart a danger that rivals the pandemic. Dr. Manning is extremely careful in all of her comings and goings in order to protect her aged friends from any contact with the virus. With no parents of her own she has largely adopted the McGuires as her parents. Suffering total exhaustion most days from the front-line fight against the virus, she continues to try to be a part of their family life. In one volume the narrative highlights the ills of an underserved medical community as well as many of the day to day challenges faced by groups of individuals that face unequal treatment. In addition, it outlines the terrible nature of infectious diseases and highlights the loneliness that may be a part of these types of infectious diseases. Cottonmouth will leave you with a new appreciation for those that fight on the front lines, and for the family members of those that have lost their lives when uncontrollable diseases strike. show more

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