Artificial Lords II

Author: Adam Norwood

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In the year 2076, the United States has been divided into two zones separated by a massive virtual wall. The wealthy citizens, owners of the robots and technology, have no use for the poor in their near perfect existence. The Harmonians, as they’re known, have created their own territory called Harmony and cast off the freeloaders to a forsaken land named Hope. Ian Ramsey, the cofounder of the HARE Corporation and one of the wealthiest people in the world, realized the plight of the people of Hope and has formed an organization named the Council of Five to fight for reunification. Ian Ramsey’s former partner Jack Ritchie continues to live in Harmony with his family. His son Eli sees him as complicit in the harm done to the people of Hope. The humanoids and replicas of his HARE Corporation took the last remaining means of making a living, and all his father does now is focus on selfish life extension projects. As a result, Eli wants no part of his father’s lifestyle and is deeply troubled by the division of the country. With the two sides in open conflict, and after the devastating retaliatory strike against the people of Hope who crossed the Harmonian border, the country is in peril. With Ramsey presumed dead and his Montana residence destroyed, the team moves to a hidden bunker in the densely forested hills. Hunted as terrorists by the Harmonians, and now led by the dwarf gunfighter Tim Lucas, the Council plans their next move. Will it lead to the result they want or more bloodshed? Can anyone put the pieces of the fractured nation back together? show more

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