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Has the pandemic become a problem that you can’t achieve your dreams? Do you love adventure, but you can’t go out because of coronavirus? If yes, then it is time to feel the thrill of adventure with the help of thrill-filled adventurous books. Yes, it is hard to remain isolated for a long time. If you are a thrill-seeker, then this is just the right place for you. These books will help you to explore a different world of adventurous activities and a lot more.

Reading these books will reveal new adventure stories if you want to dip into the world of adventure and want to get a thrilling ride. Explore the adventure and experience the adrenaline while being at home with the collection of these books.

  1. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy

Authored by Charlie Mackesy, this inspirational book is a sweet tale of four friends- a curious boy, a greedy mole, a wary fox, and a wise horse. The group found themselves together in an uncertain and challenging situation. Together they share their greatest fear and discover their vulnerability, kindness, hope, friendship, and love. This book features a hundred black and white drawings. The shared adventures by these friends and their conversations are full of life lessons, thought-provoking, and offer hope.

A magnificent and award-winning novel by the author Kazuo Ishiguro shares the experience of an AI friend. She has excellent observational qualities, and from her store, she carefully watches the behaviour of the people who come in to browse and the people who pass on the street outside. She is hopeful that a customer will choose her one day. Eventually, a child, Josie, bought her. This thrilling book offers the readers a look at the changing world.

Lindsay Clarke has beautifully brought back the ancient myth to life with passion, humour, and humanity through this novel. A Prince of Troy is the engaging historical story of Troy and of the heroes who fought there. Paris settles a contest between the gods. In return, he expected to receive the love of the most beautiful woman in the world named Helen. However, she is married to the powerful Menelaus of Sparta. This is the story of divine gift and the wish to receive the love of a woman by a mortal who fought hard for everything.

Authored by Natalie Haynes, this novel gives a much-needed voice to the silenced women of the Trojan War. A Thousand Ships is a beautiful story restating the TrojanWar from the perspective of women involved in its causes and consequences. Trojan war was the women’s war as much as it was men’s war, but the contribution of women was untold. These stories share the tales of women who experienced a complete change in their lives because of this tragic war.

The author of this mind-blowing story is Nathaniel Hawthorne. This book retells the story of popular Greek classical myths like The Gorgon’s Head, The Golden Touch, The Paradise of Children, Three Golden Apples, The Miraculous Pitcher, and The Chimera. Hawthorne’s language, touch and tone are delightful. He has recast the tales into new shapes and animates them with his carefree spirit. He set out deliberately to “modernise” the stories, freeing them from what he called “cold moonshine” and used a romantic readable style.

Jin Yong writes this epic Chinese classic novel. This novel depicts the story of Guo Jing, whose father, murdered by the Jin empire. His mother flees to the plains of Ghengis Khan and his people for refuge. Under the tutelage of Genghis Khan and The Seven Heroes of the South, Guo Jing hones his kung fu skills. Before facing his fate and becoming the hero, he must navigate love, war, honour, and betrayal.

The book is set in England when no one knew about economic growth and social transformation. This speculative novel is a story of hidden passion and family drama. Elizabeth Johnson has beautifully portrayed the character of Florence Nightingale, who is a determined and enigmatic nurse. She has devoted her life to the service of others.But who was the real Florence Nightingale, and what was she like? Why did she renounce her comfortable married life and alienated her family to pursue a difficult path?

A thriller with a killer hook, this novel is set in Walbrook- a remote town in Western Australia. The story revolves around the city’s police sergeant, Chandler Jenkins. He usually deals with cases like domestic disputes and simple public complaints. However, one day he faces a dilemma when he encounters two suspects named Gabriel and Heath. Both suspects told the same story of being dragged in the mountains to become the 55th victim of a serial killer.

99 Nights in Logar is a surprisingly stunning and humorous coming-of-age novel from an unforgettable new voice of Jamil Jan Kochai. It was 2005 in Logar, Afghanistan, when a twelve-year-old Marwand returned from America with his family for the summer. Marwand loses his fingertip to the village dog, Budabash, who then escapes. Marquand’s quest to find Budabash over 99 nights begins. Marwand and his cousins face unexpected confrontations with American soldiers and came across his family secrets.

  1. A Battle Won: Charles Hayden Book 2 by Sean Thomas Russell

A Battle Won is second in the series of Commander Charles Hayden’s adventures in the sea. It is the sequel of the international bestseller, Under Enemy Colours. It was the story of winter in 1793 when France faced the terror of power. In Plymouth, England, Charles Hayden was ordered to return to the HMS Themis, the adventure location. When Themis lands in Corsicaall hell broke loose with the help of native insurgents.At this point, Hayden gets the front row seat in the brutal clash of empires.

These are the books which help you to know a lot about the adventure. These are just the perfect books for adventure lovers. Just grab the opportunity to buy these online right now.

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