10 Latest Grabs – Looking for something new in the fiction world

The good news is that the world is full of good books and you will always enjoy spending your time with these books. If you are a fiction book lover and love to look at the world with fantasy glasses, here is the perfect collection of books. You will find mystery unfolding on every single page, which will keep you engaged till the end. Have a look at this list that is mysterious and helps you put yourself into the shoe of the characters in the book. 

  1. A Thousand Nights of Arab Promises by Joey Jabor Luke

Authored by Joey Jabor Luke, A Thousand Nights of Arab Promises outlines several events in the author’s life. Joey Luke has beautifully portrayed her entire life in this volume. Whether it be any significant event of her life or circumstances that were just matter-of-fact observations, this book represents every up and down of Joey’s life in a fictional setting. As a reader, if you have faced any hardships in your life, then you will immediately connect with the author.

A perfect murder mystery by Elly Griffiths. Who knew a story with a simple death could turn into murder? With unfolding lies and the plot being seen with a new outlook, the unsuspicious death of a 90-year-old change into the most suspicious murder of the year. The author created terrific twists and turns in the story, keeping it engaging and exciting—a true page-turner for mystery lovers. There is nothing better than to find the most unsuspected suspect to be brought to light. The story is a great read.

Teaching children about their and other’s boundaries is essential to know what treatment everyone expects. A child should know that they have their own space. Jayneen Sanders wrote this book to teach kids about vital things such as ownership of a body, relations, feelings, emotions, recognising bullying behaviour, etc., in a child-friendly and easily understood manner.

Authored by Lucien de Gieter, this book revolves around an ancient Egyptian boy named Papyrus. With his friend Imhotep, Papyrus heads off for Sakkarah, a place where there is a statue to give praise to the Pharaoh. While on the way, they both save an older man who a crocodile threatened. When the three of them get to Sakkarah, they came to know that Pharaoh has been poisoned and needs an antidote to survive. A fascinating book indeed!

The plot of this book revolves around the unforgettable love story of a woman named Afra, who is an artist, and her husband called Nuri, who is a beekeeper. The couple lives a simple fulfilling life with friends and family in a Syrian city until war destroys everything. Afra loses her eyesight, and the couple escapes to Britain. Author Christy Lefteri portrays the hardships they faced in their tragic journey.

Written by David Walliams, this enthralling book is an epic adventure of myth and legend, good and evil. It revolves around a young boy, Prince Alfred, who must save the world. This young boy has never seen life outside Buckingham Palace. Still, when his loving mother was dragged away to the Tower of London, he gathered up his courage to save his mother as well as his entire city.

This novel is a story about a girl named Maisie. She is an athlete and “loses” her face in a fire. She gets an opportunity to get a face transplant. However, she’s permanently scarred. Though her friends stayed by her side, she believes everyone thought her of a freak that developed anger and grief in her heart. Author Alyssa Sheinmel has portrayed the struggle faced by Maisie and how she dealt with it.

Authored by Jeffrey Archer, this is the extraordinary second novel in the William Warwick series. The book’s main character, William Warwick, is a newly promoted Detective Seargent who is reassigned to the drug squad. The story’s plot is about how William Warwick and his team investigate the notorious South London drug lord known as the Viper. And, in the midst of all this, he tackles his old enemy named Miles Faulkner. The story shows the real-life hurdles of a police authority figure.

Sarah Pearse wrote this spine-tingling, atmospheric thriller novel. It has everything- a suspenseful setting, sharp prose, and unimaginable twists. Elin Warner, a detective on vacation, visits an isolated hotel high up in the Swiss Alps with her family to celebrate her brother’s engagement. There, she finds herself on the edge when her brother’s fiancée, Laure, went missing. The longer Laure stays missing, the more the remaining guests start to panic.

  1. Turn a Blind Eye: Book 1 by Vicky Newham

Authored by Vicky Newham, this is the first book in a brand-new series set in East London starring DI Maya Rahman as the main character. A headmistress is found strangled in an East London school. DI Maya Rahman hopes this is an isolated murder till she finds a second body. The story focuses on how Maya is going to find the serial killer by decrypting the coded messages left behind on the murder scene.


Read these books, get to know about the different characters with different storylines, and have a good time. The fiction world is all about letting the imagination do its deed. Every book in the list captivates the reader and teaches something new and realistic.

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